On Water Safety & Registration

Attention to safety is a basic requirement in any sport and particularly in one played in a sometimes unfriendly environment like the sea.

Every owner and skipper of a vessel has a duty of care for his or her crew. This obligation is taken very seriously within the sailing community which recognises the dangers of boating and have, through their governing bodies, developed a set of standards that are reviewed on a regular basis.

The ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’ (also known as the Blue Book) sets out the basic requirements pertaining to structural features, boat equipment, personal equipment and qualifications required for a yacht to compete in races organised within the authority of Australian Sailing. Please note the Racing Rules is only available in download format. To pay and download, please see: 2017-2020 Racing eBook

These regulations come the international sailing authority World Sailing and have some modifications for Australian conditions.

A graded system of requirements within the regulations recognises that sailing vessels come in all shapes and sizes and equipment varies depending on area of operation and length of voyage. Thus we have the Safety Category System.

Having the correct equipment in itself is just the start of creating a safer environment, being able to use various items during an emergency is just as important.

It is crucial that all boats at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria comply with registration and safety requirements appropriate to their vessel and its category. You can download the Safety Declaration form straight from our website and submit them to the office. Any relevant updates will also be added here for your convenience.

It is a requirement that any on-members sailing on your boat during a race have a day-pass for safety and insurance purposes. Please see the Membership section of the RYCV website for more information on the day pass.

Australian Sailing (AS) Safety Audit Forms 2017-2021

Please note: ALL certificates lapsed on 30 June. Renewals need to be completed PRIOR to any more sailing activity.

The Australian Sailing forms have been updated for 2017 -2021 and you can download them from Australian Sailing (scroll to end of page) and copies are available at the office in brochure rack opposite library.

It is the boat owners responsibility to ensure compliance with these rules.

Come and see staff at Reception if you need any help. Electronic copies emailed to rycv@rycv.asn.au are the preferred way to get your forms to us, but hard copy is still acceptable.

The '3 step' Complete Safety Declaration Process:

1. Sign all parts of AS Special Regulations Equipment Audit Form (Australian Sailing 2017-2021 version)

Race category circled and every page signed.

2. RYCV Declaration of Compliance (PDF)

  • Remember to put boat name and member name on it!!
  • Signed VHF radio
  • Signed OH&S
  • Signed 'Man Over Board' drill
  • Hard stand only – copy of lifting equipment (slings) certificate

3. Insurance

Copy of current certificate of insurance (whether racing or not)

Issue of category stickers

Once ALL the above has been done and checked by office staff, you can collect your category sticker from the office.

New boats

Prospective new members interested in bringing their vessel to Royals can find out more about this requirement in the Yacht Registration Pack.

Other relevant documents

RYCV Health and Safety Policy

Point score

DSC Information VHF radio (updated version coming soon)