Honorary & Life Members

Honorary & Life Members of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria have made significant contributions to the Club, and we sincerely thank them for their efforts.

Honorary Life Members

As per Rule 1.6 A person who has given substantial services to the encouragement of yachting or in promoting the interests of the Club may, if recommended by the Committee, be elected an Honorary Life Member of the Club on the unanimous vote of Members at a General Meeting at which not less than 25 members vote. An Honorary Life Member shall be entitled to the same privileges as a Senior Member without payment of an annual subscription but in all other respects shall be subject to these Rules.

The Club is proud to have the following current Honorary Life Members:

Mr Colin Anderson PC Colin Johnston PC Robert Spencer
Mr Douglas Anderson Ms Terri Johnston Mr Frank Tate
Mr John Bertrand Mr Geoff Klestadt Mr Michael Vanderwarker
Mr Peter Botica PC Jon Klestadt Mr David Wallace
Mr John Boyle Mr Vincent Lauwers PC Graeme West
Mr Lindsay Butler PC Bob McGregor Mr John Wreford
Dr Bernard Case Mr Peter McIntyre AO Mr Dennis Whiteley
Mr Lyle Close Mr Bruce Moran Mr Michael Vanderwarker
Mr James Conway Mr Bob Munro
Mr Peter Digby Mr Warren Neale
Mr Terence Harper Mr Kenneth Richardson
Mr Geoff Hope Mr Des Ryan
Mr Leslie Joel Mr Douglas Shields

Life Members

As per rule 1.10 A Member of the age of 18 years or over may, if the Committee thinks fit, be elected as a Life Member. A Life Member shall be entitled to all of the privileges of the Club without payment of an annual subscription. He or she shall be liable to pay a levy or call approved by a General Meeting of Members and any other charges in respect of slipping, marinas, lockers or affiliation fees. A Life Member shall be amenable to Part 3 of the Rules and may cease to be a Member in the same manner as any other Member except for non-payment of an annual subscription.

The club is proud to have the following Life Members

  1. Mr Kenneth Harrison
  2. Mr Tom Hillenaar
  3. Mr William Pepper
  4. Mr Greg Snowball
  5. PC Bruce Taylor