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On this page you'll find everything you need to participate in OTB racing at Royals. Click the buttons below to navigate to the relevant section.

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2019 OTB Presentation Night Photos - thanks to Rawstron family

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New Activities for Summer 2019
In a bid to increase younger active members and follow growing trends around the world, the Club will be offering ...
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Possible Wave Surge Times
Possible times when marina wave surges occur To help you decide when to carry out marina boat work that’s at ...
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57th Tassal Australian Cadet Championships 2018
Day 1 (27/12/18) – Measurement, Invitation Race and Opening Ceremony The official day of Nationals began in the early morning ...
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OTB 30 Nov Update
Thank you to the club for their generous contribution towards sending our International Cadet sailors to Hobart this year later ...
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PMYC Lipton 2018 Report
This year the OTB Regatta was held by Port Melbourne Yacht Club on the waters between Station and Kerferd Road ...
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OTB Lipton 2018 Wrap-Up
Lipton Cup and 6th Fleet Sprints Summary With nearly perfect weather on both days, the Lipton Cup on Saturday and ...
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Canteen Angels
Our sparkling new canteen also has a new coordinator, Tess Kirkpatrick. Tess’ smiling face can be seen early on Sunday ...
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OTB Sail Sandy
Sail Sandy 2018 With clear blue skies, temperatures around the 25°C mark and wind speeds between 10 and 25 knots, ...
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First OTB Race 2018/19 Summer Season
Last Sunday was the start of the Summer Season and the first race day for the OTB group. With temperatures ...
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Junior Enrollment 

All juniors must enroll to take part in the OTB sailing program. This ensures that the Club has all the necessary information on file.


Boat Registration & Storage

All OTB dinghies at Royals must be registered with the Club. Storage fees are also applicable if you'd like to leave your boat at the Club.