Member of the Year

RYCV could not operate without the support from our members. Each year, the General Committee nominates a member for their outstanding contribution to the Club. We thank each and every Member of the Year for all the work they have done!

Year Name Contribution
2017 John Robb  Introduction of many new Sailing Members and support to women's sailing
2016 John Burgess Organiser of the Lipton Cup Regatta for 10 years
2015 Chris Tucker Involved in negotiation of the club lease
2015 John Forsyth Involved in negotiation of the club lease
2014 Doug Hem Volunteering and maintenance around the Clubhouse
2013 D. Spinley Race management and volunteering
2013 S. Markham Race management and volunteering
2012 William Owen Race management and volunteering
2011 Peter W. Roberts Volunteering with Off The Beach and Bluebirds
2010 David Johnson Volunteering with Off The Beach
2009 A.V.C. Mc Bride Race management and volunteering
2008 David Seaman Sponsorship and marketing
2007 Peter Black Legal services
2006 Archie Burns Introducing many new members to the Club, always being around and willing to lend a hand.
2005 Malcolm Botterill Race management and volunteering
2004 Frank Brockman Yard & Marina committee and building Off The Beach storage racks
2003 Glenys Vanderwarker Volunteering with Off The Beach
2002 L Graeme West Race management and volunteering
2001 Leslie C. Joel Volunteering with Off The Beach
2000 Frank Brockman Yard & Marina committee 
1999 Kevin W. Hinrichsen Protest Committee chair
1998 Alwyn D. Hill Work with the Yard & Marina committee and Membership Committee
1997 David J. Wallace Race management and volunteering
1994 Wayne A. Ellerton Volunteering with Off The Beach and senior race management
1993 Jack Stewart Club Bosun - race management
1992 E.O. Teddy Grendon Off The Beach service
1991 Thomas A. Moss Collation of Club results (by hand) and Race Committee
1990 William L. Hales Contribution to Club sailing
1989 Win N. Brown Off The Beach service
1988 Harold E. Wakefield Yard and Marina Sub-Committee