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Sailing is an enticing sport, which caters for people from all backgrounds and abilities. Whether you are looking for an athletic and competitive outlet or simply a fun and social way to spend time with your friends and family, it is the perfect leisure activity.

Membership at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria(RYCV) will allow you to develop your passion for sailing with plenty of opportunities for both racing and cruising. Learn to sail programs are available and our members welcome new additions to their crew. Back onshore the club hosts a variety of social events, utilising the dining area, bar, decking and lawn to our greatest advantage. The Membership Brochure will help to explain more about being a member at RYCV.

To become a member at RYCV:

Crucial Dates for membership processing for 2018


Membership Application Deadline
(by 5pm)


Membership Meeting

General  Committee Meeting

New Member Inductions

23 January 2018

14 days on notice board


13 Feb 2018

Last Thursday

23 February

13 March

Last Thursday

20 March

10 April

Last Thursday

Friday 13 April 2018

19 April

8 May

Last Thursday

22 May

12 June

Last Thursday

19 June

10 July

Last Thursday

Friday 13 July 2018

24 July

14 August

Last Thursday

21 August

11 Sept

Last Thursday

18 September

9 Oct

Last Thursday

Friday 12 October 2018

30 October

20 November

Last Thursday



Fill out and sign an application form


Have your nomination form signed by a member* of at least two years standing (not applicable for Junior and Social membership applications)
                 *from the Life, Honorary Life, Senior, Sailing or Family membership categories


Return both of the completed forms to the office.


Your forms will be passed onto our RYCV Membership Committee.


If your application is successful for nomination, your name will be placed on our noticeboard for a period of 14 days, and advertised in our weekly e-mail newsletter.


Your application will be reviewed by our General Committee.


If there are no objections to your application, you will receive a letter officially welcoming you to the Club. You will receive your membership card once your membership subscription has been paid.


Membership Categories

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (RYCV) has a number of membership categories. Use the table below to determine which one is most suitable for you.

Young Senior
Family** Sailing Social Junior
Boat on register  black-check-mark-hi - -  - OTB only 
Marina or hard stand berth*  black-check-mark-hi - -
Discounted yard and marina services  black-check-mark-hi - - - black-check-mark-hi
Locker rental*   black-check-mark-hi -
Car parking*  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi - - Sundays only 
Vote at general meetings black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi - - -
Nominate committee candidates black-check-mark-hi -  black-check-mark-hi - -
Yard service discount black-check-mark-hi  -  -  - black-check-mark-hi
Hold a credit account black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi -
Discounted bar and food prices  black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi   black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi
Invite guest to the Club black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi
Rights with reciprocal clubs black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi   black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi
Club boat hire black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi   black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi
Wi-Fi access* black-check-mark-hi black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi  black-check-mark-hi

                          *subject to availability
                          **A 'Family' member
is defined as a spouse/permanent companion or sibling (under the age of 18) of a Senior Member.

Membership Fees

RYCV Membership fees can be paid on an annual or monthly basis. Direct debit is also available.

The Yachting Victoria and Australian Sailing Levy is an additional cost to your subscription, ranging between $45-$100, depending on your membership category. 

There is an additional $25 fee for a new or replacement membership card, which grants you access to the Club and acts as proof of your membership.

Please note that all fees are subject to change.


For more information on the membership process, categories or fees, please contact Amelia Martin by phone on (03) 9397 1277 or by email at