The Royals Foundation

7th November 2018-news

On behalf of the members of the Royals Foundation subcommittee we are requesting expressions of interest from full (senior) members of the club to become founding members of the Royals Foundation. Those with experience in fund raising and/or administration can also nominate to be part of Royals Foundation Committee which will be elected by the members after the Royals Foundation is formed.  

The new Royals Foundation Committee will be responsible for the administration and fundraising for the club and to apply the funds in accordance with the defined objectives detailed in the club’s strategic plan 2018-2013. The purposes of the new foundation will be to attract and encourage donations, gifts, endowments and other forms of financial assistance to further the sport of sailing through the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. The new Foundation Committee will be independent of the existing General Committee of the club.

The proposed Foundation will also work with the Australian Sports Foundation in respect of approved sailing and related projects including the improvement of equipment and facilities in line with the facilities master plans well as encouraging the sport of sailing to people of all skills and abilities.

We are therefore looking for current Full Members of the club including past flag officers to form up the new Royals Foundation in line with the objectives set out above. If you think the new Foundation is something you can contribute to, please either contact either Commodore John Duffin or John Boyle (Chair of the Royals Foundation subcommittee).

From John Boyle -Foundation Chair