Yard & Marina Services

You can view a full list of our yard and marina services here.

For more information and pricing, please contact the office by phone on (03) 9397 1277 or by email at waterfront@rycv.asn.au.


Club Services

  • Towing to and from your berth, and securing in the pen
  • Travel lift with a 28,000kg capacity
  • Standard pressure washing
  • Stepping or un-stepping of masts
  • Securing vessels in cradles or on blocks
  • Vessel and mast storage

Slipping terms and conditions can be found on the back of the Slipping and Storage Application Form.


Contractor Services

Royals also has a number of onsite contractors that can provide a variety of services while you're boat is being stored in the yard.

Doug Hem | 0418 584 445

Colin Leake | 0417 354 721



Boat Building (Fibreglass)
Danny Rushbrook | 0400 769 195



Boat Building (Timber)
Richard Blake