Yard & Marina Services

You can view a full list of our yard and marina services here.

For more information and pricing, please contact the office by phone on (03) 9397 1277 or by email at waterfront@rycv.asn.au.


Club Services

  • Towing to and from your berth, and securing in the pen
  • Travel lift with a 28,000kg capacity
  • Standard pressure washing
  • Stepping or un-stepping of masts
  • Securing vessels in cradles or on blocks
  • Vessel and mast storage

Slipping terms and conditions can be found on the back of the Slipping and Storage Application Form.


Contractor Services

Royals also has a number of onsite contractors that can provide a variety of services while you're boat is being stored in the yard.

All-round Boat Builder

Bernie Webber is the one of the longest serving boat builders based in Williamstown with over 52 years of experience. He is the owner of BM and SM Webber Boat Builders

(03) 9397 4003 or email: webberbr@bigpond.net.au


Doug Hem | 0418 584 445

Colin Leake | 0417 354 721



Boat Building (Fibreglass)
Danny Rushbrook | 0400 769 195



Boat Building (Timber)
Richard Blake 

Boating Industry Association of Victoria

Whatever you need for your recreational boating, you will find a respected BIAV member that can provide it. Click here to find what you are looking for, and to do business with a respected BIAV industry professional.