Slipping & Storage

To lift your boat at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria you will be required to have completed a slipping form (see below).

Hardcopy forms may be collected from the office or download from here (PDF), and must be completed and lodged before the commencement of any work.

Once we receive your form (online or in hardcopy), the RYCV office will undertake a number of checks, including proof of insurance. If you have not already supplied insurance details to the Club, please do so at your earliest convenience. Once the checks are complete and deemed satisfactory, the authorised slipping request will be forwarded to our Yard Manager.

Prior to slipping, please read the RYCV Boatyard Haulout Notes as well as the Terms and Conditions which can also be found on the reverse of the Slipping Form.


Prices vary for RYCV registered and non-registered vessels and are subject to change based on the level of work required. Contact Waterfront Manager for more details.

Marina and Hard Stand Charges

STORAGE CHARGES from 1 June 2019 (until further notice)
Hardstand storage Bluebird $718.00 $2,872.00
Hardstand storage YW Diamond $845.00 $3,380.00
Hardstand storage S80 $873.00 $3,492.00
Hardstand storage Adams 10 $1,044.00 $4,176.00
Hardstand storage Other P.O.A. P.O.A.
Marina berth Up to 10m $1,133.00 $4,532.00
Marina berth 10-11m $1,281.00 $5,124.00
Marina berth 11-12m $1,428.00 $5,712.00
Marina berth 12-13m $1,576.00 $6,304.00
Marina berth 13-14m $1,730.00 $6,920.00
Marina berth 14-15m $1,897.00 $7,588.00
Marina berth 15-16m $2,071.00 $8,284.00
Marina berth 16-17m $2,239.00 $8,956.00
Marina berth 17-18m $2,387.00 $9,548.00
Marina berth 18-19m $2,515.00 $10,060.00
Marina berth 19-20m $2,682.00 $10,728.00
Casual, non-registered berthing $3.50 per metre per day

Kayak/SUP/Windsurfer storage available for $150 per annum.

Upon completion of Waterfront Services, we would appreciate it if you could complete our Boatyard Survey at the completion of the services to help us serve you better.