Wave Surge February

Surge In Our Marina

Again we had surge problems in our marina over the past weekend.

One boat owner was thrown against a bulkhead due to sudden movement of his boat, sustaining head injuries. These were sufficiently serious to warrant an overnight stay in Footscray Hospital. Another boat broke a marina attachment line. It was only the prompt actions of other members who jumped on board that prevented further damage to it and adjacent boats.

May I ask all members, and particularly boat owners to advise the club of surge issues and particularly any damage sustained to boat or persons.


Please go to the Club website link below to download the reporting form.


These reporting forms are available from the office. It is important that we document problems and damage.

Only by recording such information will it get recognition of the problem by our landlord,  Parks Victoria (PV) and Transport Safety Victoria (TSV). We have had 2 meetings  with them and Victorian Ports. They have agreed to support a study to define the problem.

This may sound a bureaucratic approach to the problem, but 6 months ago they did not acknowledge a problem existed.

The more reports, the greater the probability of fixing the problem.

Please assist us to assist you.


John Duffin, Commodore

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