Tackers School Holiday Program

We are pleased to let you know that, at this stage, Tackers 2, Tackers 3 and Greenfleet will continue to run over the school holidays due to the smaller class sizes and the fact that the kids are in a boat by themselves. This allows us to maintain the required Social Distancing requirements. In addition to observing these requirements, the following measures have also been put in place to protect children and staff.
• Class sizes have been reduced
• The syllabus will be adjusted to take Social Distancing requirements into account.
• After each session the both the boats and training room will be thoroughly disinfected.
• Greenfleet briefing will take place on the lawn/decking area.
• Staff will complete the sign on/off sheets for participants

We encourage you to join us and have some fun over the school holidays. We are looking forward to providing our students with much needed relaxation and respite!