Start Time Calculations

Royals runs Pursuit races on Wednesdays and Sundays, and they are growing in popularity.

Perhaps it is time to explain how the start times are calculated.

Firstly, the task of the handicapper is to start boats off at intervals (2 minutes in our case) such that all boats dead heat at the finish.

Now let me say that this unique handicap feat has never been accomplished, but there is always next week.

So, boats start at 2 minute intervals, with the slowest boats starting first.

A back calculated time (BCT) is derived for each boat that, had it started at that time it would have dead heated with the “mark boat”.

This mark boat is the boat that finishes half way down the finish list.

To calculate the start time for the next race, the average is taken of the actual start time (ST) for that race and the back calculated start time (BCT).

Therefore, start time for the next race is;

New start time = (ST+BCT)/2

All times are rounded to nearest 2 minutes.

We also put “clamps” on the results so that the BCT must be within 8 minutes of the “mark boat’. Outside the 8 minutes defaults to 8 minutes.


John Duffin