Friday Night Members' Draw

Every Friday night from 6pm (unless advised otherwise) you can join us in the members bar at RYCV for some casual drinks and our weekly Members’ Draw. The bar is open to late so it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time socialising with your fellow members.

There is generally dinner available in the dining room and we encourage all of our members to come along to enjoy the night.

The following rules apply to the Friday Night Members' Draw:

  1. The names of all current Senior, Family, Young Senior, Sailing, Hon Life, Country, Absentee, and Associate, are automatically included in the draw (no entry is required).
  2. The member whose name is drawn must be there (within the clubhouse or immediate area) to win.
  3. The draw will accumulate by $50.00 per week until it has been won.
  4. The draw will normally be done at 7.00pm every Friday, or at the organisers discretion.
  5. The committee person on hand will note the members name next to the date of the draw and whether they were present or not.
  6. The prize will be credited to the winning member’s account and can be used at the RYCV for bar, meals, clothing or against a current account.
  7. The organisers decision is final.



Every odd Friday night (generally every second week depending on volunteer availability) we also have a raffle with proceeds going to various causes around the Clubhouse (such as additional bar and lawn furniture).

Everyone present on the night is eligible to buy tickets for the raffle which will be drawn on the night. Prizes are donated by our generous sponsors and members and we are most grateful of their support!