2 to 3 March – ORCV Safety Sea Survival Training

The next Safety Sea Survival Course with ORCV is 2 to 3 March  all day at Wesley College, St Kilda.

It will be delivered over two days (16 hours).

The theory component covers the following elements:
• Introduction – Causes of marine emergencies
• Principles of survival
• Personal lifesaving appliances
• Areas of risk and emergencies
• Abandoning ship
• Search and rescue
• Use of pyrotechnics
• Fire prevention and fire fighting
• Emergency communications
• First aid and early management of injury or illness
• Duty of care

The practical wet drill will be conducted in a heated pool. Wearing your full wet weather gear you will complete a number of drills individually and within teams which include:
• Man overboard drill
• Inflating personal flotation device (pfd)
• Testing pfd
• Swimming techniques
• Conserving heat
• Teamwork
• Retrieving and donning life jacket while in the water
• Righting an upturned liferaft
• Entering a liferaft unassisted
• Contents of survival kit
• Retrieving crew with throwing line
The practical flare shoot will include igniting several different types of flares.
Theory Exam 80% pass mark; and
Practical competency (wet and flare drills)

For more information and to book, see: ORCV Safety Sea Survival