Opening Day 2018 Sail Past

Navy League Race for the Geoffrey Evans Trophy (Saturday 20 October)

Palliser Trophy (3-4 November) 

Lipton Cup Regatta (17-18 November)

Commodore's Trophy (Saturday 24 November)

Elwood Huon Trophy (and HBYC Jessie Cup) (Saturday 1 December)

HBYC Commodore's Cup (Saturday 15 December)

Lord Brassey Cup (Saturday 12 January)

RMYS International Cup (Saturday 19 January)

RGYC Passage to Geelong (26 January) 

Lord Forster Trophy (2 February)

RMYS Jennifer Goldsmith (3 February)

Port Phillip Sea Pilots Trophy (16-17 February)

Commodore in Chiefs Trophy (23 February)

Awinya Cup (2 March)

Val Hodge Trophy (3 March)

RMYS Moomba Cup (9 March)

Harold Ward Trophy (9 March)

HBYC Mornington Cup (6 April)

Black Bottle (7 Sunday April)

RMYS Service Shield (13 April)

Don Thompson (27 April)

Association Cup (TBC)

Phoenix Trophy to Queenscliffe (11 May)

Sun Theatre Passage from Queenscliffe (12 May)

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