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Nautilus Marine Series

Navy League Trophy & RMYS W T Crosby

Commodore's Trophy & HBYC Walter Paton (Passage to Portarlington)

Elwood Huon Trophy & HBYC Jessie Ccup

Lord Brassey Trophy & HBYC Club Member of the Year & RMYS Doc Bennell

Lord Forster Trophy & RMYS Suadron Trophy and Plate

HBYC Vice Commodore's Cup & RYCV Commodore in Chief's Trophy

HBYC Nick Maina Trophy & RYCV Awinya Cup & Top of the Bay Regatta

Val Hodge Trophy

Harold Ward Trophy & RMYS Measurement Trophy Series & HBYC Cock of Hobsons Bay

Black Bottle Trophy

Phoenix Trophy (Passage to Queenscliff Pursuit)

Sun Theatre Trophy (Passage to Williamstown Pursuit)

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