In December 2018 the General Committee endorsed a new Strategic Plan for the Club covering the next 5 years. This plan will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

To view the 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, watch the eBook below:


• We will be a leading Australian yacht club of which our members can be proud


• We will develop and foster the sport of sailing and provide quality facilities and services for our members and their guests.

We are committed to adopting best practice in governance while:

• Continuing to nurture and develop a world-class sailing culture.
• Offering quality sailing services and facilities for a wide range of craft.
• Providing relevant and attractive services, social activities and facilities to all sectors of membership.
• Ensuring continuous and clear development pathways for a diverse range of sailors.
• Providing training and ongoing support for our sailors.
• Promoting a culture where all members, staff and volunteers work together in a positive, and friendly atmosphere for the benefit of the Club whilst encouraging diversity and respect.
• Managing a wide range of sailing events for the benefit of Club members and the sailing community at large and being a valued member of the local community by providing a positive and sustainable contribution to the surrounding area and environment


• Trust, and Integrity – We will make decisions with an ethical and honest mindset for the benefit of the Club and its members and be transparent in all our dealings.

• Passionate and Committed - We will work with a can-do attitude and be committed to quality outcomes in what we provide and deliver to our members and guests.

• Respectful and Considerate - We will respect people from all walks of life and be considerate of the needs of our members, guests, the community and environment that we interact with.

• Progressive yet true to our history and traditions - We will continue to be progressive in our thinking to ensure we prosper and grow - while keeping in mind our strong links to our rich past.

• Friendship and Fellowship – having a friendly Club atmosphere for members and visitors alike.