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Preview 57th Tassal International Cadet Nationals – Sandy Bay Sailing Club

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Every year around Christmas, Cadet sailors from all over Australia come together to compete in the National Championships. This year’s championships will be taking place at Sandy Bay Sailing Club, in Hobart in Tasmania. They kick start on the 27th of December 2018 and finish on the 3rd of January 2019.

Four cadet teams from the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria will be heading over the Bass Strait to take part in the event.
Together the teams have competed in many regattas and trained all year leading up to the big event.

The first Regatta they participated in were the State Championships in Geelong in March this year, and the most recent were the Kingston Sprints in Sandringham just this month.
Due to training all year, including some intense training thought the entire winter, there has been visible improvement by all four boats, between these two regattas.

The regatta is expected to see some challenging conditions with light to heavy winds with a strong and unpredictable tide, and trapezoids as the course of choice, which will be testing for our teams.
Overall, the eight sailors and their coach are feeling pretty confident in their sailing going into the championships, and are hoping for some good results in new and challenging conditions.

The RYCV Team are:

  1. AUS6969 Bridgewick Farm: Maddie Scambary Speller / Zac Sayle
  2. AUS9611 Thrill Seaker: Emma Maertens / Carla Maertens
  3. AUS9617 Bullant: Oscar Kirkpatrick / Leo Church
  4. AUS9626 Supersonic: Mats Maertens / Lasse Maertens

Coach is Clare McAulifee

We asked the four teams to give us their thoughts about the Nationals.

“The Farmers”
Boatname: AUS6969 Bridgwick Farm
Skipper: Maddie Scambary Speller
Crew: Zac Sayle

What are you looking forward to at the Nationals?
Maddie: I’m looking forward to nationals because it’s a whole new experience! I am excited to refine my sailing skills, learn new things and meet new people while I’m there. It will be fun spending so much time on the water racing and training.
Zac: I am looking forward to meeting new people and having a fun time out on the water. I’ve also always wanted to know what it is like to sail on the Derwent.

How did you prepare for the Nationals?
Maddie: We’ve spent countless weekends training out on the water preparing for the Nationals, including some amazing winter training with our coaches, Clare and Roger. Throughout the year we have been refining out boat trim, boat speed and we’ve been building on our racing techniques to help for the nationals.
Zac: We’ve been doing lots of training on Saturdays and Sundays in preparation for the
Nationals. Our coach, Clare has taught us all sorts of useful things including, but not limited to, downwind boat trim and windy and light weather techniques.

What do you hope to achieve at the Nationals?
Maddie: I am excited to put our new sailing skills into action throughout the regatta, and to sail in completely new conditions. As this is our first National competition, Zac and I are going to work as hard and as smart as possible so we can achieve our best results and enjoy our time on the water.
Zac: I would generally just improve on everything (and also learn some new things) along the way. We have decided as a boat that we don’t want to worry about where we place because sometimes we get stressed out when we do, as long as we try our best!

What else you are planning to do in Tasmania?
Maddie: My family and I are planning on camping/staying in various places around Tasmania such as Wineglass Bay and catching up with some family friends.
Zac: We are planning to go to Cradle Mountain and some other places around Tasmania, but the plans aren’t completely finalised yet. I am also excited to be going on the Spirit of Tasmania again.
Anything else you think people should know about your Nationals campaign?
Maddie: We’re going to give it our best shot and enjoy ourselves while we’re there!
Zac: We’re going to try our best and have fun!

“The Sisters”
Boatname: AUS9611 Thrill Seaker
Skipper: Emma Maertens
Crew: Carla Maertens

What are you looking forward to at the Nationals?
Emma: I am looking forward to sailing in the beautiful Tasmania, where I have never sailed before. I have heard it will be quite challenging and very hard to sail in but I love a challenge and I’m very excited for some heavy wind reaches. Mostly though I’m excited to be around my friends and have a fun regatta with my sister, because that’s the most important part.
Carla: I am really excited to go onto the ferry on the way there and the way back because I have never been on one and lots of my friends who have been there have told me about all of the sea creatures that you can see on the way like the wales, dolphins, seals and more. Looking forward exploring Tasmania because I have never been there before so I really want to see the amazing nature that there is and the beautiful sea life when we go to the beach or go out for a sail. In sailing I am looking forward to compete against other boats and go over my limit with sailing with the spinnaker up and trimming it in heavier breezes than usual.

How did you prepare for the Nationals?
Emma: I trained and raced every Sunday at the beginning of the year, and then all weekend throughout winter, at my club RYCV. I also took part in the Winter Woolies Training Sessions and other competitions held at my club, RGYC and SYC.
Carla: We have sailed every single regatta that there was to our very best that we could with amazing end results overall. We trained all over winter to get better at skills and techniques.
Me and Emma always have a debrief after sailing of how it went, what we did well, what we could have done better (what could we have improved on more) and what we will do next time when there is a regatta to make sure that doesn’t happen again and if it does then how can we fix it as fast as possible.
We trained to our very best every Saturday and Sunday when we could (had time) until we were bored or too tired out.

What do you hope to achieve at the Nationals?
Emma: I am aiming to make as few mistakes as possible, and to apply and use everything I have learned throughout this year in each race, to do the best I can. I also want to leave the regatta satisfied with what my sister and I have achieved, regardless of the overall result and to have heaps of fun.
Carla: I hope that I will become more confident in trimming the kite in heavier breezes than usual and to go over my limit to make us sail the best we can.

What else you are planning to do in Tasmania?
Emma: My family and I will be going hiking and camping for a week before the regatta. We will be visiting Wineglass Bay and other places in Tasmania.
Carla: We are planning to go on the 17th of December so that we can arrive there earlier and train a few days in a week before the nationals start. We wanted to go into all of the amazing caves that Tasmania is well and truly known for.
We wanted to go hiking before the nationals but we didn’t think that that would be such a good idea because if someone got hurt it would really be a pain when sailing in a wetsuit. (We might do it after the nationals when we have time)
We are also going to go horse riding through the mountains and some people might walk/ride with us.
Anything else you think people should know about your Nationals campaign?
Emma: I would just like to say thank-you to our coach Clare, who began coaching us at the beginning of this season. We have improved SO much and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without her amazing knowledge, and the time and effort she has volunteered to coach us throughout the entire year. I’d also like to thank my parents and everyone else who has pitched in this year to help with our sailing, it is very much appreciated.
Carla: We’re going to try our best and have fun!

The Boys”
Boatname: AUS9617 Bullant
Skipper: Oscar KIrkpatrick
Crew: Leo Church

What are you looking forward to at the Nationals?
Oscar: Nationals offers the best and most competitive environment for cadet sailors as participants all around Australia compete. It is also helps to indicate how much we have improved as sailors in general. Other than that, I have never been to Tasmania before and am excited to test my sailing skills in the conditions that the area offers.
Leo: Going down to Tasmania and competitively racing. I am also excited to go down and have a small holiday there

How did you prepare for the Nationals?
Oscar: To prepare for nationals, my crew and I, along with many other sailors from our club, have trained over the winter season and the summer season with our coach Clare and have also competed in a number of statewide events like Sail Sandy and the Lipton Cup.
Leo: Getting new gear and better systems for the boat such as a new venturi and a better pole uphaul. My parents did a lot of planning for things like accommodation and transport-ation.

What do you hope to achieve at the Nationals?
Oscar: My main goal for nationals is to sail as best as I can and hopefully place better than the previous Metung Nationals. I also hope to enjoy myself as I am not sailing just to win.
Leo: In nationals I don’t expect much but I would like if I improved form last years place of 31st.

What else you are planning to do in Tasmania?
Oscar: After the cadet nationals I will be going camping and will also be doing some sight-seeing across Tasmania.
Leo: We are going up the east coast and spend some time in the Tamar river. We are then will go to Swansea and staying in a Airbnb at Low Head.
Anything else you think people should know about your Nationals campaign?
Oscar: Out of all the previous nationals I have sailed, I believe the sailors from our club this year will perform the best so far. Over the year, all of us have made massive improvements and it is likely this will be seen throughout the nationals.
Leo: I have been to two Nationals before this one, Adelaide and Metung but sadly when I was in Adelaide I didn’t have a Skipper so we had a holiday.

“The Brothers”
Boatname: AUS9626 Supersonic
Skipper: Mats Maertens
Crew: Lasse Maertens

What are you looking forward to at the Nationals?
Mats: The things that I am looking forward to at the Tasmanian Nationals is having loads of fun the reason why I am looking forward to that is because it a time to make new friends enjoy the place that you are sailing in.
I am also looking forward to trying my best in the conditions that Tasmania has to offer because it will challenge my sailng abilities in boat setup and control but also strategically because of the wind shifts and the strong tides.
Lasse: I am looking forward to sailing in Tasmania as we have never been there and spending time with all the other kids from interstate that we last saw in Metung and we had a lot of fun there.

How did you prepare for the Nationals?
Mats: The way that I prepared for nationals was going out with Emma and Maddie training with Clare who is our coach. we did various drills such as upwind sailing, spinnaker flying and set and overall boat setup. we also had many theory lessons where we learnt about staying fit physically and mentally in preparation for Nationals.
Lasse: We did a lot of training, I mean really a lot. We even sailed through winter and that was fun but also really cold sometimes, and wet.
We set goals as a team and for our boat and had some good chats with our coach Clare which really helped me. I have learnt a lot this year. I sail with my older brother which is great fun but not always. You know how it is with siblings sometimes. But he is an awesome sailor and we will do our best to get along and talk more to each other.

What do you hope to achieve at the Nationals?
Mats: My goal for Tasmania is to place in the top 10 boats. I would like to achieve this because with all the training and effort that we have put into nationals it would show that all of the work that we have done was not for nothing. it would also be a massive improvement from last year as I was aiming for mid fleet and placed 36. it is a big challenge but who doesn’t like a challenge
Lasse: I hope to sail well with Mats and that we have a great time and we hope all the other teams do too. Our sisters are there too so we are competing against them but we will also cheer them on because they are sailing pretty well too. And I really like them a lot.

What else you are planning to do in Tasmania?
Mats: My family and I will be going camping and do multiple outdoor activities.
Lasse: We are arriving early so we can go camping and go to some awesome places like beaches, caves and do some hiking. And just relax a little bit as we are all tired from school.
And we will have time to spend with our friends.
Anything else you think people should know about your Nationals campaign?
Mats: Other things that I would like people to know about my Nationals campaign is that I am the youngest skipper that is going to Tasmania out of RYCV and am looking forward to competing against people that are older than me.
Lasse: No, not really. I can’t tell you all our secrets 

“The Coach”
Boatname: Tom Hillenaar 2
Skipper: Clare McAuliffe
Crew: Roger McAuliffe & other parents

What are you looking forward to at the Nationals?
Clare: Returning to the Derwent River. I’ve had some great regattas in Hobart, but this will be my first one as a coach! I’m really looking forward to watching everyone compete and especially helping all our skippers and crews to learn as much as they can from the regatta.

How did you prepare for the Nationals?
Clare: We’ve been sailing or talking about sailing pretty much every weekend since May. It’s been a lot of hard work from all of the crews going to the nationals to improve their boat handling skills, sailing techniques and learning racing tactics. Everyone should be really proud of what they have achieved in the last 6 months.

What do you hope to achieve at the Nationals?
Clare: That all the boats I’m working with learn heaps and really enjoy the sailing…..there will be good days and not so good days, but overall hopefully everyone finishes the regatta having achieved their own goals.

What else you are planning to do in Tasmania?
Clare: Finding some wilderness to go walking in…….
Anything else you think people should know about your Nationals campaign?
Clare: I’d like to thank all the parents for supporting both their kids and me over the last 9 months to get as much sailing in as we have. It’s been a huge time commitment from everyone and it really is appreciated. Also thank you to RYCV for their support of the Cadets and in particular for helping to get the Hillenaar to Hobart for use as a coach boat.

Good Luck to everyone competing, I’m sure you will all do a great job

From Thorsten Maerten