OTB News December 14

Kingston Sprint Series in Sandringham 2018






The Kingston Sprint Series for OTB sailors, the last regatta before the summer break, was on at Sandringham Yacht Club last weekend. For the International Cadet crews it was the last competition before the Nationals in Hobart later this month and therefore 25 boats made their way to SYC.

At the scheduled starting time on Saturday the wind was very light so the first race was postponed by an hour. The five boats from RYCV used the time to get some final feedback and suggestions from Coach Clare and did some light training. The following first race was one to forget for the RYCV boats except Bullant. Oscar and Leo managed to get a good start in and finished in 7th position while the other four finished in the high 10th to low 20th. The next two races were a bit better as Supersonic and Thrill Seaker found some performance, too. At the end of day one only Bullant was in the top 10 and the coach’s feedback after the race was pretty clear: “We have to improve tomorrow!”

The Sunday started with winds between 10 and 15 knots and saw the Thrill Seaker girls, Emma and Carla, picking up some speed. With a 4th in race 5, 2nd in race 7 and 3rd in race 8 they finish the regatta in a sixth position. The Supersonic brothers Mats and Lasse struggled a bit with their starts and finished overall 10th ahead of Bullant in 12th. Bridgewick Farm with Maddie and Zac finished and 13th and Sniper with Oli and Rosi 21th.

All in all and okay result for the RYCV crews even if the team was hoping for a bit more.

This Sunday, 16 December, will be the last training and race day at RYCV before Bridgewick Farm, Thrill Seaker, Bullant and Supersonic will travel to Hobart to compete in the 57th International Cadet Nationals.