OTB Lipton 2018 Wrap-Up

Lipton Cup and 6th Fleet Sprints Summary

With nearly perfect weather on both days, the Lipton Cup on Saturday and the 6th Fleet Sprints for the Cadets on Sunday, were a big success. Over 25 Cadets came to Royals to compete in both regattas and got possibly all conditions you could get, except rain!!

On Saturday the wind reached 23 knots towards the afternoon and some big waves which proved to be a bit too much for some of the Juniors. Seven boats decided not to race in the challenging conditions and some decided not to do the second race. At the end of the day RGYC’s ANTARES ahead of SPARKLE and SPITFIRE.

Best RYCV boat was Bridgewick Farm with Maddie and Zac in 5th, Thrill Seaker with Emma and Carla in 6th, Bullant with Oscar and Leo in 9th and Mats’ and Lasse’s Supersonic in 11th. For Bridgewick and Thrill Seaker it was there best Regatta finish ever but there was more to come.

Sunday showed very different conditions with pretty calm water and no wind in the morning which forced a postponement of the racing for about an hour. Once the racing was on 27 boats went around the marks for all in all 9 races to compete for the 6th Fleet Trophies. With some of the more experienced boats not showing their best performance some of the younger crews used their chances. The Supersonic brother Mats and Lasse could win Race 03 and Race 04, their first wins in a regatta ever. Some bad starts cost them points and they ended up 9th overall. Emma and Maddie show another great day of sailing and were running an RYCV internal competition. After nine races Emma and Carla’s Thrill Seaker finished 5th and Maddie and Zac’s Bridgewick Farm 6th, reversed result from the previous day. Oscar and Leo’s Bullant struggled a bit on the Sunday and finished 19th
Tim and Caelan’s Gotcha finished 23rd , new skipper Oli with crew Rosi’s Sniper 24th and new skipper Hayden with new crew Lachlan 26th, a very respectable results for all three boats.
With 3 boats in the Top 10 in both regattas Coach Clare was very happy with the performance of the kids. Looking through the results from Geelong, Sandy and now at RYCV a steep improvement can be observed, especially for the boats that participated in the Winter Training. As the Nationals are coming closer it seems like the boats are on track with their preparation.