Membership Subscriptions



We are pleased to report that 60% of sailing and full members have already renewed their memberships for next year. Annual subscriptions need to be finalised by 30th June unless prior payment arrangements have been made.  

If you have not paid yet, you may receive a call from our Membership Administrator, Pam, to follow up your intentions. Did you know you can pay by monthly instalments? For example;

  • Full Member – $97
  • Sailing Member – $59

Should you wish to set up a direct debit, please fill out the authority form below and return it to the office or email to Gary Cockinaris 

Download direct debit form 2019

Please note all direct debits must be set up by 30th June and only apply to sailing, family, full and young full (over 25yr)  membership subscriptions. Call the office if you need clarification on this.