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Before The Race – Interview with Martin (from ORCV website)

Less is More – The Results…almost
The last boat in the fleet, Weekend Option, is a bit under two hours from the finish and ready to cause an upset, but more on that later. The results as they currently stand are as follows…and presented in order of importance, in the writers opinion.

The premier measurement handicap division, being the most populous, is AMS and first place has gone to Under Capricorn followed by Vertigo and Maverick. It’s interesting to note that Under Capricorn was sailing in the new 4+ autohelm category and Maverick was a double handed entry which goes to show sometimes less can be more.

A special mention to RYCV club member Tim Olding picking up a second on Vertigo’s first ocean racing venture. He’ll have to keep coming back now. 

In the IRC division Maverick has picked up first place followed by Cartouche, 7 minutes behind on corrected time, then Wicked. Similar to AMS the shorthanded option has outperformed the fully crewed alternative, though I’m sure the Smallman’s are feeling pretty tired and looking forward to a nap. Of course that will have to wait until after they have put down a couple of the famous King Island steak sangas!

On performance handicap Maverick is coming first followed by Weekend Option, based on an estimated time of arrival, then Under Capricorn. I’ve had the abacus out and think there’s a solid chance Weekend Option will sneak in a first but we will have to wait and see!

The line honours result was a close fought race with Hartbreaker beating Carerra S by a mere 3 seconds and Extasea coming in third.

As for the race within the race, Under Capricorn won this by a convincing 15 minutes. Some would say a fortuitous result as 24 cans divides by four crew quite nicely…it gets a bit awkward when you have to split a slab between a crew of seven. Notably in a nod to the local the economy the Race Officer has decided to withhold the prize until tomorrow morning so as not to impede bar sales.

Line Honours
1 HARTBREAKER, Tony Walton
2 CARRERA S, Gerry Cantwell
3 EXTASEA, Paul Buchholz

AMS Overall
1 UNDER CAPRICORN, Bruno Carreto
2 VERTIGO, Tim Olding
3 MAVERICK, Rod & Tyson Smallman

IRC Overall
1 MAVERICK, Rod & Tyson Smallman
2 CARTOUCHE, Steven Fahey
3 WICKED, Mike & Mark Welsh

PHS Overall
1 MAVERICK, Rod & Tyson Smallman
2 UNDER CAPRICORN, Bruno Carreto
3 WEEKEND OPTION, Michael Culhane

Double Handed
1 MAVERICK, Rod & Tyson Smallman

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