Keelboat Boot Camp

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crew on a racing keelboat?  It can look like a complex process compared to sailing a two-man dinghy, but it is a great exercise in teamwork. 

Expressions of interest are invited from RYCV members to participate in a program of activities to give you confidence to join a racing keelboat crew. 

You need to know how to sail but need not have any keelboat experience.

The program will run over a series of Sundays and will be broken into a short theory session followed by 1 or 2 hrs on the water practicing the drills and building skills and confidence. 

The training will take place on a 35-foot racer cruiser which is set up for competitive inshore racing.  Areas covered will include:

  • Learning all the ropes and equipment including operating the engine
  • boat handling (tacking, gybing et)
  • mark rounding 
  • Hiking and crew weight management
  • Sail trimming 
  • Spinnaker handling (hoist gybes, drops)
  • Sail changes and sail selection

If you or your youth would be interested in this program, please contact Tim Olding on 0402 933 964. Minimum 6 people required to run, and there will be no fees required.