Juniors Get A Pool Table

Tina Schofield and Martin Speller

Thanks to the generous donation by life member Bill Pepper the OTB club Rooms now has a Snooker / Pool table complete with all the accessories. Bill also donated the new baize material which was fitted by Tina Schofield and Martin Speller seen in this photo having the first game on the refurbished table.

No sooner was the table set than a swarm of Ian’s Tackers entered the room with squeals of delight “awesome”, “cool” “wicked “ etc. followed by “I know that game – I have played that game on my phone…” During the week a few of the older kids have come down to play an after school game of pool. It has been a big hit.

Thanks very much to Tina, Bill and Martin.

Table Tennis

We are now looking for a table tennis table to fit as a combined protective cover/ game. So if you have a surplus table tennis table please contact Guy Schofield on 0416131793 and we will arrange collection and fitting.

Guy Schofield


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