Great On-Water Response At RYCV

Collision between Sayonara R6 and Ettrick 321

Dear Members,

As some of you may have already heard, a most unfortunate collision occurred between Sayonara R6 and the Tumlare Ettrick 321 during Sunday’s 4th race of the CYAA Classic Cup. Fortunately there were no injuries but substantial damage to both yachts resulted.

I am pleased to report that RYCV on water response was immediate, effective and carried out in a most professional manner. Thorsen, Cerberus and the Suzuki were present to provide assistance within a very short time frame. After disentangling the rigs of the two yachts, Ettrick was taken in tow by Thorsen and Suzuki stood by Sayonara to offer assistance if required. Sayonara made dock under her own power.

• Damage summary to Ettrick – broken mast at deck level, substantial hull and deck damage mid foredeck port side,
• Damage summary to Sayonara – broken bowsprit, bobstay and whiskers, superficial sail and hull damage

Both yachts lodged protests which were heard jointly in the late afternoon as a Jury Panel was on hand for the events being held by RYCV. Both yachts were disqualified for breaching the Racing Rules.

My compliments and thanks to the on water RYCV personnel who reacted decisively, with speed and with professionalism.

From Doug Shields – Vice Commodore

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