From the Archives…the first senior lady member of Royals

By Ann Goodwin

The “First senior lady member to be admitted to the club” was a post note added to the minutes from the membership subcommittee dated Monday 7 May 1984.

Adrienne N. Shaw was nominated by J.A. Gilbert and sailed as crew on John Gilbert’s yacht ‘Brumby’ together with her husband Stan Shaw, Tony Beeston and Peter Pollard. Adrienne was formally elected as a senior member on 16 July, 1984, after sailing with ‘Brumby’ in the 1983 ORCV Melbourne to Hobart race.

Adrienne purchased a Farr yacht ‘Boom Boom’ from Adelaide and made an application on 13 March 1985 to register this yacht (to be renamed Farrago) with Royals. When this yacht was sold she resigned as a senior member in 1997, but a few years later re-joined the club, sailing on on R196 ‘Winsome’ with husband Stan before ceasing her membership in 2002.

1984 also saw a number of schoolgirls became junior members, sailing with the cadets. The first three were proposed for membership in March 1984 by J.Bird, followed by another girl in May 1984. All four girls were accepted as Junior members on 4 June 1984. They were Katrina Hampson, Joanne and Kristine Layton, and Melissa Close.

Valerie Hodge was nominated for Senior Membership in 1985 by her husband A.H.Hodge and was formally elected as a senior member on 2 September, 1985. Arthur was Club Captain in 1986 and Valerie Hodge remains to be a well-known name around the Club, with our Lady Skippers Trophy named in her honour.