Festival Of Sails Wrap

Passage Race – 26 January 2019



Three Bluebirds contested the Festival Of Sails Passage (read ocean race for Bluebirds) those being:

  • Bunyip Dreaming R 815 Skippered by Michael Rehfisch with Peter Roberts and David Wally
  • Hannini H 113 Skippered by Dan Kennedy with club member Dave Barnett
  • Revel R 292 Skippered by RYCV club treasurer Warwick Norman, club member Tim Blunt and club member Glenn Hall

A long slow race for even the fast boats let alone a Bluebird which we count as our Ocean Race for the year. Sometimes it shows great sportsmanship for the main fleet to stop each year and park and wait at the entrance to Corio Bay allowing for the smaller boats to go round the outside and look like they planned it to catch up and create a tight second half of the race to the finish.

This helped the 3 Blueys to pounce and take out Cruising with Spinnakers Div 3 for the passage race only (we have to brag about something) with Revel 1st, Hannini 5th, and Bunyip Dreaming 7th on EHC corrected time, with “Revel R 292″ having the fastest corrected time over all EHC mono hull competitors beating a demoralised (only kidding) crew aboard ” Chutzpah R33″ by under 2 minutes in the top division.

A great result with a little (did I say little) bit of Bluey class promotion. (Bruce “Chinnas” boat Drambuie is still up for sale if you are interested!  It’s almost the same colour as Chutzy).

Results  – for a longer version of all top performing Royals boats, see Top Performing RYCV Boats

CWS3 REVEL R292 Warwick Norman 3:59:14AMS 1 CHUTZPAH R33 Bruce Taylor 4:01:26

CNS 1 CARDINAL PUFF G23 Jeremy Capon 4:05:30
CWS1 DREAM SM8 Robert Green 4:20:59
AMS 2 ANTAGONIST S138 Jim Lynch 4:27:03
CWS2 JAYHAWK B7335 David Mileshkin 4:38:57
IRC 1 SECRET MENS BUSINESS YC3300 Geoff Boettcher 4:42:27
IRC 2 TEAM HOLLYWOOD AUS8888 Raymond Roberts 4:48:55

IRC 3 PHILOSOPHER 20 Shaun Tiedemann 5:14:32
S80 ROCK N ROLL S411 Stephen Barker 5:35:10

The race was a great shake down for the upcoming Bluebird Cup (State Championships) over the next few Sundays in February and March

Hope everyone enjoyed themselves who competed, and it’s an even more liver depleted Bluebird and Sharpie reporter signing off. 


By Peter Roberts