Book of the Month

Introducing a new segment from Club Librarian, Bob Johnston, who will be telling us about a book each month, that you can find in the “Albert Klestadt” Club Library.

April 2018
The Voyages of the "Morning", by Capt Gerald Doorly

Amongst the books donated to the library by Justice Clive Tadgell (AO), is a fascinating book by Capt Gerald Doorly entitled The Voyages of the "Morning"

Captain Doorly was born in Trinidad, educated in England and served the shipping industry in New Zealand and Australia. He was well known in Melbourne in the Port Phillip Sea Pilot's Service from 1925 to his retirement in 1945.

But his early voyage as 3rd Officer in the S.Y. Morning, the supply ship to Captain R. F. Scott's Discovery of the National Antarctic Expedition, was perhaps his most famous endeavour. Doorly and E. R. G. R. Evans (later Admiral Lord Mountevans) were both awarded the Polar Service medal for their work in the Morning, which freed the Discovery from the ice. Evans later was to state that without Doorly, the men of the Morning and Discovery would have been hard-pushed to survive the disappointments and long voyages of the Antarctic expedition.

Doorly published this account of the 1902-04 expedition to show that Scott's life was as worthy of fame as his heroic death.

Our copy is a scarce signed copy of the first edition, published in 1916 by Smith, Elder & Co.

By Club Librarian, Bob Johnston based in part on Australian Dictionary of Biography article by Jill Eastwood