Cadet State Championships

Credit to Dave Wallace and Brad Collis for the photography

Last weekend the 2019 International Cadet State Championships were on at RYCV and what a weekend it was……

The weather forecast promised us sun, 25°C and wind around the 10 knots, perfect conditions for a sailing weekend.
For some volunteers the weekend already started on Friday night with the preparation for the regatta. RYCV yard team had already moved some of the boats close to the lawn and now it was time to prepare the regatta office and launch the rescue boats for the weekend. One mark layer (Suzuki) and four RIBs were lifted in and all the trailers parked away from the water front. After some smaller repairs on boats (incl. some of the Cadets) everything was ready for the event.

Saturday morning was an early start with competitors arriving from around 8 am on wards. Trails, boats and cars had to be directed into the right spot and parked to avoid chaos. The official opening of the 2019 State Championships happened at 12pm on the deck. Club Captain Jane Richards and Cadet 6th Fleet Brendan Garner welcomed the competitors and parents and gave a short overview of the facilities and the event. Afterwards PRO David Le Roy and RO Guy Schofield briefed the competitors and explained the plans in terms of sailing for the upcoming three days. Afterwards the fleet launched and was on their way to the other side of the channel, racing started as scheduled with the first warning signal at 1325.

Conditions on the water were very consistent at around 10 knots of wind which showed some slow but very exciting racing. The fleet of 34 boats, doing windward – leeward courses, was very close together and a lot of position changes happened. After three races, one more than planned due to the perfect conditions, the fleet came back to RYCV to re-energies at the BBQ that Peter Roberts organized with some volunteers.

Sunday was a day probably none of the sailors will ever forget. The day started with light wind so the race committee put the A-P flag up, racing was postponed and the sailors could enjoy a relaxed breakfast on the lawn. The first race was finally started around an hour later than planned in still light winds which finally forced the RO to abandon racing as boats couldn’t make it around the course within the time limit. Decision was made to sail back to RYCV for lunch and re-start racing at 1330.

The afternoon saw fresh winds from northerly directions which forced some of the new skippers to stay ashore and some boats returning before the first race. Racing was very challenging and the fleet spread over the triangle course. Several capsizes at the windward mark kept the rescue boats busy but all in all the remaining boats handled the conditions very well. And then the wind changes started. As forcasted the wind went to a south westerly direction which required the whole course laying to be done again before it finally changed back to northerly again. Busy times for Owen and Cath on the Mark Layer.

Racing on Monday was very similar to Saturday, light wind in the morning freshening up towards lunch time. The PRO decided to lay a trapezoid course which definitely was preferred by the sailors, maybe not so much by the Mark Layer but it all worked well. Three races could be finished and the on-water activities of the State Championships ended at 1330.


After three days of racing the only thing to do was the prize giving. Under the lead of RO Guy Schofield and 6th Fleet President Brendan Garner the winners were announced.

The first three places all went to RGYC with Jarrah Harris Moore / Evie McDonald becoming the 2019 International Cadet Victorian State Champions followed by Emma Kelly / William Farnell in 2nd and Elliot Hughes / Olive Hooper in 3rd. All in all a very impressive performance form the RGYC sailors who managed to have 7 of their boats in the top 10!!!!!

Detailed results can be found on the 2019 States Homepage
Nevertheless, the RYCV sailors where able to collect some prizes.

All in all RYCV and all the volunteers can be very proud of the event. Feedback from competitors and parents was very positive. We delivered an event that progressed without any bigger issues. Obviously we found some smaller issues that were noted and will be improved next time and especially going forward towards the nationals and World 2020 Championships at RYCV.
Thank you very much to all people that volunteered their time to make this event happen, you all did very well. To all the people that did not/could not volunteered their time: You missed a great weekend on and off the water and we hope to see you next time!!!!




Overall Championship              
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Crew From    
1 9545 SMOOTH CRIMINAL Jarrah Harris Moore Evie Mcdonald RGYC    
2 9919 SPARKLE Emma Kelly William Farnell RGYC    
3 5760 ANACONDA Elliot Hughes Olive Hooper RGYC    
Handicap Championship              
  Sail No Boat Name Skipper Crew From    
1 9780 SWISH Jake Newman Ben Imbesi SYC    
2 5747 GOTCHA Tim Ronchi Dominic Verratti RYCV    
3 9559 RESISTANCE Benjamin Garner Sam Williamson RGYC    
Mermaid Trophy              
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper From      
1 9545 SMOOTH CRIMINAL Jarrah Harris Moore RGYC      
U18 SMOOTH CRIMINAL 9545 Jarrah Harris Moore F 2003 RGYC
U16 ASSASSIN 9560 Imogen Farnell F 2004 RGYC
U15 ANACONDA 5760 Elliot Hughes M 2005 RGYC
U14 BRIDGEWICK FARM 6969 Zac Sayle M 2006 RYCV
U13 ANTARES 10052 Josh Garner M 2008 RGYC
Encouragement Award SNIPER 9779 Oliver Grieve M 2005 RYCV
Presidents Award SPARKLE 9919 Emma Kelly William Farnell     RGYC
Bulls Sails – Sixth Fleet Travellers Series           Overall  
1 9526 Hyper Hyper T Johnston K Thompson SYC 15  
3 9545 Smooth Criminal J Harris Moore E McDonald RGYC 16  
2 9822 Spitfire M Suda L Johnston SYC 17  


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