Queenscliff Music Festival Cruise

25-27 November 2016

We recommend purchasing tickets and booking your berth very early for the Queenscliff Music Festival - this is a very popular weekend.


Friday 25 November - Depart Williamstown as required to enter the Queenscliff cut at 17:00 on Friday and enjoy the live performances at Queenscliff Music Festival.

Saturday 26 November - Spend the day enjoying  the live performances at Queenscliff Music Festival.

Sunday 27 November - Choose to sail back to Williamstown on Sunday afternoon or the following day.



The Club asks for a small fee of $30 per boat which goes towards the Club's cruising activities, administrative costs and prizes.

You'll need to organise your tickets directly through the Queenscliff Music Festival website, and arrange a berth at QCYC or Queenscliff Marina - we recommend booking early as the event and accommodation sells out fast!



A prize will be awarded in a completely arbitrary fashion to the boat that arrives closest to the Rendezvous time.  SS Rendezvous encourages good passage planning. Extra points for the most impressive cheese spread. 

Clever passage planners will study Port Phillip Tidal Streams via the Bureau of Meteorology website.  

Sailing Instructions:

Depart Williamstown as required to enter the Queenscliff cut at 17:00, on Friday.

You choose whether to berth at QCYC or at Queenscliff Harbour. 

You WILL need to book individually and book well in advance to get a berth, so do this as soon as possible.


Please report departure and arrival by sending a text to the event Coordinator. You should also send a text if you enter and don't go. Boats should always monitor VHF Ch16 while underway. Inter-boat communications shall be conducted in accordance with standard VHF procedures (call on channel 16 and then switch to a working channel).




AYF Category 5 is recommended for this event.



Richard Burgess
0419 531 955