Cruising Calendar

SS Rendezvous events are organised cruising events open to all boats.

At each SS Rendezvous event, the destination place and time is set and boats are encouraged to arrive as close to that time as possible.  Motoring is allowed as the emphasis is on passage planning, good seamanship and having fun at the destination.
Skippers are expected to maintain basic self-recovery capability and Safety category 5 is recommended.  As usual, the decision to cruise resides with the skipper.  If you need the latest information and forms for 2018/19 season, visit Australian Sailing Equipment Audit 2017-2020
The boat that arrives closest to the rendezvous time will receive a small prize. Extra prizes and kudos are awarded for stylish parking / anchoring and the quality of the cheese platter (prizes are awarded in a completely arbitrary fashion).
Online entry is required for all events. This is important as it ensures that participants are known to the Club, are insured and have completed a safety declaration. It also enables you to show that your boat is active, which is necessary to hold your pen in the RYCV marina if you're not an active racer.
Check out the upcoming Calendar for 2018/19 - It kicks off with Magical Mystery Tour in January 2019