Strategic Plan

The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria will develop and foster the sport of sailing by nurturing a world class sailing culture and providing quality facilities and services for its members and their guests.


We are committed to:

  • Offering quality sailing services and facilities for a wide range of craft
  • Providing quality services, social activities and facilities to members and their guests,
  • Ensuring continuous and clear development pathways for a diverse range of sailors, through the provision of training programs and on-going support,
  • Promoting a culture where all members, staff and volunteers, work together in a positive and friendly atmosphere for the benefit of the Club,
  • Managing a wide range of sailing events for the benefit of the Club members and the sailing community at large,
  • Being a valued member of the local community by providing a positive contribution to the surrounding area and its environment.


Our Values

  • Have an honest and ethical approach in all our dealings,
  • Treat all people equally irrespective of their race, capability, age or gender,
  • Respect all people while working to create an inclusive, friendly culture and environment,
  • Be transparent in all our dealings,
  • Maintain the traditions of the past while being open to change to keep the club relevant to the community at large.


We are currently in the processing of updating our Strategic Plan for the next 4 years, but you can view or download the previous RYCV Strategic Plans below.

Download PDF: Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Download PDF: Strategic Plan 2010-2014