Royal Yacht Club of Victoria sells excellent quality merchandise to both members and guests.

Visit the office to view the latest range of club merchandise and make your order with one our friendly staff members.

There is also a wide range of sailing gear on the Musto website - if there is ever a product that you'd like to see available, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

Womens' Striped Knit Jumper

Men & Womens Picque Polo
Available in White/Red/Navy

Mens' Evolution Sunblock L/S Polo
Available in Carbon

Mens' Rugby Long Sleeve
Available in Striped & Navy

Mens' Breathable Corsica Gilet
Available in Black & Platinum

Mens' Check Shirt
Available in Blue Check

Club Tie

Club Cap with Clip
One size fits all

Wide Brimmed Hat
Available in S/M/L

Performance Gloves Short Finger
Available in S/M/L/XL

Club Belt
Available in S/M/L/XL/XXL

Keep Cup

Carry Bag $4.50

RYCV Burgee Sizes: 12"/18"/24"/30"/36"/72' From $24.20 - $143