Boatyard Pricing Changes

1 June marks the start of a new pricing scheme in the Royals boatyard.

Currently our price list makes little or no differentiation in vessel size, resulting in lifting and storage fees being the same for an 11 Mtr vessel or an 18 Mtr vessel.

In conjunction with an upgrade to our boatyard management software, the yard and marina committee have reviewed and updated the pricing scheme to incorporate vessel length where appropriate. The upshot of this is that some prices will drop (for smaller vessels, whilst some charges (for larger vessels) will increase.

The software we are using will allow for charging based on the actual vessel length (to the nearest cm) rather than specifying “bands” of vessel length.

Some charges will remain unchanged (such as towing, labour rates etc), and we will no longer differentiate between the railed yard and the western yard in terms of daily storage rates.

One final change will be a reduction from 3 weeks per year free storage in the yard for registered vessels kept in the marina to a one week free period.

A revised slipping form and price list will be posted on the Club’s website prior to 1 June, and any boat booked in for work and lifted prior to 1 June will be invoiced at the current rate and terms.

 Please call the yard office on (03) 83831975 or 0402 230287 or e-mail Ryan Blackstock at should you have any questions or wish to make a booking.